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Web hosting allows you to make your website’s content available online. Hosting plans are rented space on a server that stores all files and data. Hosting providers provide the technology and resources necessary to ensure that your website is secure and effective. Web hosts are responsible for maintaining the server’s security and functionality, as well as implementing security measures to ensure that visitors have access to your site. Hosting servers will allow you to store all data on your website on the servers of your provider.

When a user types your domain name in their browser’s address field, the web host’s servers will transfer all files required to load your website. Although you can host your website yourself, it is difficult to do so without extensive technical knowledge. Self-hosting involves setting up and configuring a website server, including all the hardware, software, and infrastructure. You will also need to manage all of the ongoing maintenance. Web hosting services ensure that your website runs smoothly and is protected with the best security protocols. It simplifies many of the complicated aspects of hosting a site, including software installation and technical support.

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Shared hosting allows multiple users to share the same server resources such as memory, processing power and storage space.


VPS web hosting can be a great choice for medium-sized websites, eCommerce shops, or large blogs that have a growing number of visitors.


This web hosting solution makes use of multiple virtual servers to host websites. If one server experiences excessive traffic or has a problem, the other servers will take over and keep the website running.


You can set up dedicated hosting to configure the server and choose the operating system and software you prefer, as well as customize the whole hosting environment to meet your needs.

WordPress Hosting

We are providing wordpress hosting for your website.

Linux Hosting

We are providing linux hosting for your website.

Windows Hosting

We are providing windows hosting for your website.

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Web Hosting and a Domain Name?

After deciding where you want to store your website files to begin setting it up. Next is to search for a suitable domain name and then purchase one. The domain name acts as the website’s digital identity and can be accessed by anyone. A domain is typically composed of a web address and a domain extension. These extensions could,,.xyz, A domain and hosting account may be purchased from the same provider, or from different ones. Artyzine Webtech among them, offers domain registration. Decide on a domain, then check its availability. Once you have selected a unique domain, register it with the domain registrar. If it isn’t the same company hosting the site you choose, purchase a hosting service and point the domain to that plan. It is also possible to purchase a hosting plan which includes free domain name registration. This option is simpler and less expensive.

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